Who Benefits from Invisalign®?

Who benefits from Invisalign? The simple answer is “everyone.” The see-through, almost invisible aligners for straightening teeth are specifically molded to fit each individual’s mouth. Unlike conventional braces, they can be removed when eating or when cleaning teeth. Additionally, using less force to straighten teeth lessens the harm traditional treatment can do.

Benefits to adults

Traditional braces are associated with children and teenagers. Many adults want to have their teeth straightened but cannot decide which is worse: having crooked teeth or wearing metal braces. They also worry about having to change their diet by not being able to eat the foods they normally enjoy.

If you are an adult considering braces, our team at JT Orthodontics will tell you Invisalign aligners will give you the best of all worlds. Virtually invisible braces will straighten your teeth. You can remove your aligners when you eat, so you can enjoy any food you would eat normally. You do not have to worry about embarrassing yourself with food stuck in your braces. Simply clean your teeth normally after eating and replace your aligners. If there is a special occasion where you do not want to have any braces at all, you can remove the aligners for a few hours without causing any damage.

Benefits to teenagers

Drs. Jesse Teng and Cristiana Araujo and our team know that teenagers are often involved in contact sports or gymnastics. Others find that having metal in their mouth interferes with their ability to play a musical instrument. Traditional metal braces contain wires and brackets that can cause damage to the mouth and gums; this is not a risk with Invisalign aligners.

Say goodbye to expensive, specially constructed mouthguards for braces, too. Just remove the aligners during sports activities and replace them with a normal mouthguard. To the teenagers who play musical instruments: simply remove the aligners when practicing or playing in the band or orchestra.

Teenagers often feel they are too busy to spend time and trouble flossing teeth between the wires and brackets of traditional braces. Since the Invisalign aligners are removable, brushing and flossing are simpler and more likely to happen.

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