Why Bother with Retainers?

Finishing orthodontic treatment is exciting! Finally, no more braces or Invisalign, no more appointments to tighten braces or receive more aligners⁠⁠—but, wait, isn’t treatment finished? Why do you need to wear retainers?

The “Why” of Retainers

Orthodontic treatment takes advantage of the ability your teeth have to shift. Your specially-trained orthodontist gets your teeth where they need to be without damaging them through methods like Invisalign, braces, and other appliances.

Of course, because your teeth can shift into the right positions, they can shift right back to where they were before treatment. The first 24 months or so after treatment, the tissues and bone in your mouth can move very easily and reverse your entire treatment! Fixing this reversal can be more difficult than the initial treatment and will add to the cost and length of treatment.

The point of retainers is to keep your teeth where your orthodontist moved them, keeping your smile happy and healthy. Wear them as recommended to ensure your smile stays its best!

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