What if I Can’t See my Orthodontist?

Whether it be the weather, an emergency, or a schedule mix-up, sometimes you can’t see your orthodontist past the time of your next appointment. What should you do in the meantime?

If you are currently wearing orthodontic appliances (including Invisalign, braces, and other corrective equipment):

Continue wearing your appliances unless told otherwise. Failure to wear your appliances may slow, stop, or reverse your orthodontic treatment.

Continue wearing your appliances as last directed. If you are using Invisalign, continue replacing trays as directed until you reach your last set of trays, then continue wearing this set until you can visit your orthodontist again.  Our Board certified orthodontist at JT Orthodontics has already approved your treatment plan digitally so you can rest assured your orthodontic treatment is going well.

If you have an emergency:

For minor emergencies, such as a loose bracket or wire, consult our emergencies page. If an appliance breaks, preserve all pieces and contact us or call us at (915) 581-5476 (West Side El Paso office) or (915) 855-6616 (East Side El Paso office).

For major medical emergencies, call us or visit an emergency center.

To reschedule:

Call or contact us to reschedule your appointment in advance if you notice a schedule conflict.

For closures on our end, we will keep you updated through our West or East side Instagram pages and our West or East side Facebook pages. If we do not get in contact with you to reschedule, please call us.