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Maximizing Invisalign’s Effects

Invisalign: the clear, removable alternative to braces. No more diet restrictions or clunky brackets! How can you make the most of your Invisalign aligners? Leave them in Your Invisalign aligners need to be left in for at least 22 hours a day to maximize effectiveness. Any less, and your teeth may not move where or…
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Why Bother with Retainers?

Finishing orthodontic treatment is exciting! Finally, no more braces or Invisalign, no more appointments to tighten braces or receive more aligners⁠⁠—but, wait, isn’t treatment finished? Why do you need to wear retainers? The “Why” of Retainers Orthodontic treatment takes advantage of the ability your teeth have to shift. Your specially-trained orthodontist gets your teeth where…
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Propel Vibration Device to accelerate Invisalign Treatment

The Power of Accelerated Invisalign Treatment

If you follow us on Instagram, you probably saw our story about the Propel VPro+. This simple appliance is the second generation of Propel Orthodontics’ high-speed vibration aligner seater. This device can be the game-changer you need, whether you are in braces or Invisalign in El Paso, TX. Advantages of the Propel VPro+ Alleviates soreness If you are…
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What Should I Ask My Orthodontist About Invisalign®?

Starting orthodontic treatment can be intimidating. Ask your orthodontist these questions to ensure your Invisalign treatment is as smooth as possible.
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Living with Invisalign®

Invisalign is built to be unobtrusive. Treat your smile without the need for bulky brackets and appliances.
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Paying for Invisalign®

With prices averaging between $3,000 and $8,000, paying for Invisalign can seem daunting. Are you avoiding the smile you’ve always wanted because the prices are out of your budget? If so, you likely won’t have to pay the entire cost. Whether you do or not, though, you won’t have to pay it all at once.
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